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Changes and additions to the program: 1. Procedure for accounting students, externs. 2. For schools function for transferring files to Rouault transport through a web server. 3. Changed the names of schools. 4. For Rouault added feature acceptance of school files through a web server. 5. Optimized module “Print Application”. Major changes: – History of success available in the “disciplines”; – Disciplines applications can be added, removed, arrange the buttons directly in the editor. 6. Added master simultaneously edit multiple fields in multiple records. Available modules “Grade”, “teacher”, “districts”. 7. Add “designer samples” for independent creation of tabular reports with available data. Design is available with the core modules of the program and tabular

Changes and additions to the program: 1. Changed module “Certification” and added a bookmark in form teacher. 2. Added items in the directory “discipline”. 3. Fixed display users in the tree module “Teachers”. 4. Listed in editing procedures pulling data into reports CEI -1, 83- MER, MER – 77. 5. Service checks the correctness of the database are combined in the “Administration” – “System Tools” – “Check”. 6. Changes in module “Orders”. 7. The function alerts users about the emergence of news programs on the portal “My Education”. 8. Added new reports. Dear users of automated systems “School”, we inform you that the Institute for the projects in secondary education created a separate resource

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM VERSION 1. The check validity of certificates. 2. Warning a few days of expiry of the certificate. 3. Differ cards “authorized signature” and “seal of the institution”. 4. Empowering photo storage format JPG. Now preserved (not shown in Education) embedded in a JPG file color profile picture. 5. In confirmation of orders for a certificate of complete secondary education in the ” Full name of the institution to print”. Title is displayed in the local case. 6. Enhanced functional utility ChekBase.exe. This utility detects and automatically fixes many bugs related to logic data and the errors associated with the structure of the database and the integrity of its