1. The ability to bind users requests for production applications to users requests for production of diplomas (bachelors and masters).
2. The ability to import / export discipline and evaluation for requests for additions to diplomas . The form “Application …” menu “application” services “Download forms from Excel” and “Upload Form in Excel”. For more see context sensitive help, section “Format Excel file (.Xls) to export / import estimates ” or Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.14 . Example file WEKCEBRVEQSI.xls.
3. For requests for production of certificates of complete secondary education and diploma of skilled workers , the ‘ previous paper on education ” (type , serial number) – not required.
4. Fixed some drawbacks encountered when creating applications for additions to diplomas.
5. Enhanced XML – format file. For subjects other than assessments can specify the type of element of the curriculum . For more see context sensitive help , section ” XML file format to export / import users and estimates ” or Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.13.
6. The ability to remove unused applications to qualifications for diplomas. For more see context sensitive help, section “Information about the school” or Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.12.

To work with the new version of the program, be sure to get an updated directory using the “Get handbook Registry” online To access the site, set the service to work with the card, which is available in the “Programs” – ” State Register of higher education institutions.”To access the site, use the blue card, this card is access to Education. Authorize Online maybe the day after receiving a blue card in the department roster. Click on the “Login” in the form of a “system”, enter the PIN code after clicking on the “Log In” will be logging in to the site.

Owners may request CISS directory of the computer on which is set out in the internet. This will require card , card reader drivers for the card reader and service to work with the card. save on a flash drive and transferred to a computer with CISS . Note ! If a blue card has been received without access to work with the new site , you need to contact with the blue card to the registry department to establish a work permit with the site.
For technical questions, please contact the technical support by e-mail:, to work on the program, contact the Department of operators receiving data.

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