• Together to victory!

    SRI Of Applied Information Technologies is the national IT company of Ukraine!

  • Production of documents on higher education

    Explanation of ordering and receiving process of documents about higher education.

  • School pupillary ticket

    Personalized protected against counterfeiting document confirming the identity of pupil.

  • An automated Control System «VUZ»

    Learning management system for higher education institutions of all accreditation levels.

  • My Osvita

    United information-educational space of interactive interaction of all participants of the educational process.

  • Appendix to higher education diploma 2016

    Production and delivery of Annex conducted in order that determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

  • Student and pupillary card

    The system provides accounting and reimbursement benefits students of universities and prof.technical schools.

  • New samples of documents

    Update samples of documents for each of the categories, namely: Higher education; Prof. and Tech. education; General secondary education.

  • Digital Signature

    Cryptographic transformation of a set of electronic data to ensure information security.

  • Education

    Ordering of the documents on education, the diploma supplement and student cards.

  • AS «Test»

    Automation of the control knowledge of
    students by means of computer hardware and software.

  • AS «School»

    Programming software for effective management of general education institution.

  • Abiturient

    Prepare to pass the external independent assessment of the 8 main subjects by means
    of distance learning courses.

  • EuroEducation

    Centre of International Projects «SRI AIT». Daily News of the education for applicants, students, rectors. Rating HEI in Ukraine.

  • CSIP

    System of information Protection on stand
    -alone workstations (AS Class 1) and computer networks (AS Class 2 and 3).

  • Production of educational documents
    Verification of documents
    about education
    Registry of education
  • Partner Organizations