1. If the application is not signed and is not sent (not generated packet) , the confirmation of the order will be no place for the signature of the head.
2. The ability to select a series of contactless chip in all types of applications that use contactless chip ( Student / student tickets, and student / student tickets, credit cards , temporary permit, certificate).
3. The ability to print the confirmation order for production of student / student tickets, cards on a package (a form of “passing control”).
4. Suspended check validity of certificates due to technical problems.
5. Fixed error saving profiles with double full name and a dot in the box with the name and Ukrainian letter “g”.
6. Fixed an issue order confirmation student ticket orders district offices.
7. Fixed a bug importing and saving profiles with a permanent residence.
8. Fixed a bug importing multivolume archives.
9. Added ticket according to the type of student tickets “Student card with contact chip” and “Student card with magnetic stripe and chip pin” student tickets – “Student card with contact chip”.

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