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Posted by Модератор
Asked on 14.02.2014 17:45

To unlock the card you need:
1. Start Education.exe
2. In the form of ”Enter PIN” press ”Unlock card” (the icon with a padlock).
3. In the form of ”Unlock Card” in the ”PUK” enter PUK-code indicated on the sheet that you received with your card.
Be careful when you put PUK-code! You can put it in any text editor, such as Notepad, and copy the field ”PUK”, as if entering an incorrect PUK- code card will be blocked and must be passed to the Department of the register Research Institute ICU for regeneration.
4. In the ”New PIN”, enter the new PIN- code.
5. In the ”New PIN again” re-enter the new PIN-code.
6. Click ”OK” and try to connect with a new PIN code in the program.

Posted by Zoria
Answered On 14.02.2014 17:47