1. The check validity of certificates.
2. Warning a few days of expiry of the certificate.
3. Differ cards “authorized signature” and “seal of the institution”.
4. Empowering photo storage format JPG. Now preserved (not shown in Education) embedded in a JPG file color profile picture.
5. In confirmation of orders for a certificate of complete secondary education in the ” Full name of the institution to print”. Title is displayed in the local case.
6. Enhanced functional utility ChekBase.exe. This utility detects and automatically fixes many bugs related to logic data and the errors associated with the structure of the database and the integrity of its system tables . It is recommended to periodically (once a month) you can check the database using this utility. Previously, you should make a backup of the database.
7. Improved creation of data archives and restoration of the structure of the old archives.
8. On the features of the program under Windows 7, see Advisor user (file Education.doc), paragraph 2.2.
9. Added new types:” Teacher Identity” and “temporary permit”. Access: the ‘type application / production of documents on chip’.
10. Added cumulative report for the application of the international standard (window , “Application for production applications”).
11. Added tag versions, and test versions directory.
12. Added automatic correction of the archive structure .
13. In the photo editor correctly displayed color palette if JPEG is embedded color profile.
14. The ability to view the contents of a text package (import from a text file). On the form ‘Import text file ‘toolbar button <View contents of a text file>.
15. Optimized the function of creating orders for Yevrododatkiv by transferring data from the AU “Dean” in Education.

For technical questions about the work of Education program, please contact by email:
For koreknoho formation packages in “SRI AIT” should be running the latest version of PTC Customer “SRI AIT CA” on 20/12/2012, which is available to

Note !
Due to the expiry of the root certificate you need to replace key certificates customer key certification centers and particularly CA “SRI AIT” when they were released before 18/12/2012. Details on saytihttp:/ /

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