1. Added a new group of guides «YEDEBO»  and comparing their values ??with guides AS «Deanery». Introduced the relevant amendments in system guides.
2.  Added synchronization: at group orders for the students, and changes in educational cards of students in database of AS «Deanery» and YEDEBO.
3. Function “Create a custom package for Euro supplement” changed to “Creating a custom package for the Diploma Supplement” and made ??the appropriate changes in the form of «Disciplines of the Diploma Supplement» and «Description of qualifications».
4. Modified form of student:
–  Instead of tab «Orders»,  is added tab  «Education cards»;
– On the tab «Education» are added field: “Second Higher Education”, “Advanced CA”, “Educational documents” with the release of the students, a group of fields “Current status of the student”and deleted the orders of transfer and issue appropriate orders moved into the history of orders education cards;
– On the tab “Personal Data”added field “First Name (English)” and an automatic transliteration of the name on english;
– Changed form of “The history of the student questionnaire”.
5. “Master of transfer to next year” developed in the “Wizard Release / provision / transfer from course to course”.
6. Changes in module “Schedule”. Posted educational changes and schedule calls for them. Added a new form of “Educational change for contingent” and is added to the schedule required the “Form of learning”.
7.  In the module «Curricula» added new forms of “contingent to load on NPR” and “Contingent to load by discipline”. That allow you to analyze and make correct fixing contingent at ANP for we load combine various contingent ANP at the same sessions , generate / adjust educational streams. Forms “Load”, Group affixing of load” is developed in “Fixing contingent to load”, “Group consolidation contingent for load” respectively. Forms are available from the forms “Contingent for load on NPR” та “Contingent for the load by subjects”.
8. Form “Load of departments” changed to “Load of departments”. In the new form is implemented features:
– Actualization of the size of the load, according to the ANP and the related contingent on a user-specified date;
– Group filling / release positions;
– Planning of loading of teachers, and track performance targets during the load distribution between teachers in real time;
– Load selection by user settings;
– Commit changes to ensure of the load.
9. Added a new form “Reliable faculty lecturers”, he ability of the teacher changes in the schedule, fixing and adjusting the replacement schedule.
10. Added a new form “Teaching history of disciplines of the faculty”, hat can be used to distribute the load between the lecturers.

For more information about changes and additions to the program read in help of the program.

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