1. In the questionnaire of the students expanded fields «Series» and «Number» for the documents of the foreign sample; added fields «Kit organ»; added check for compliance with the requirements of the student’s size photos EGEBO when editing photos.
2. EGEBO. Added support for working with orders of enrollment in EGEBO until 2013 with an empty «Academic year». Improved algorithm works with specializations.
3. Changes are brought in guides «Study groups», «Types of sessions», «Sessions» (added spring session), «Semester», «Chairs on the faculties», «Educational level», «Special», «Specialization», «Subdivisions», «Majors in the departments», «Study groups».
4. Changes in import of students from AS Selection committee: not transliterated values of fields «Middle name»; acceptable eng., full name with the AS Selection committee 2.2.3.x; improved search of students in the AS «Deanery»; added import body kits.
5. Changes in exports of students with AS Deanery: transferred eng., full name AS to «Selection committee» 2.2.3.x; transmitted grade point average of diploma.
6. Realized the possibility of fully work with user-generated semesters (trimesters, etc.). Appropriate changes have been made in all modules of the system.
7. CURRICULUM. In the title of the RNP for semesters added periods of reading material. There is a possibility to choose the «Higher Education» as the base KR. In disciplines RNP in the form of «The volume of hours and weeks of classes», added hours and weeks of reading material. In the form of the «Restore the RNP» Added ability to save the basic ChP in semesters, without restoring the RNP.

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