1. Checked operation of the program under the operating system Windows 8. Before installing this application on the operating system, necessarily read the documentation (Education.pdf), paragraph 2.2.
2. Added field «Previous document of paper sample or foreigner» to import from a text file. Details watch in context-sensitive help section «Importing of packages from a text file» or Education.pdf paragraph 4.4.2.
3. Added opportunity to order requests on duplicates and reprints of documents.
4. For applications on duplicates printed confirmation of orders.
5. In confirmation of order on the student tickets-bank cards, added information about the type of chip.
6. When importing profiles from a text file and XML-file if downloaded photograph and its size exceeds the allowable, the program offers reduced size (scale) of pictures.
7. When importing profiles from a text file and XML-file is allowed to download pictures are smaller than allowed (248х310).
8.In the form «Application”, for applications that contain profiles with photos, added menu item «Tools / Standardize size of photos …». If in any way, for example, after importing from DP2000, the database got photos which size is bigger than permissible (see comment №6 to version, you can use this service.
9. In the menu application «Tools» added function «Verification of conformity languages».
10. Made corrections in the report «Individual student information», «General Information» and «Cumulative information».

To work with the new version of the program, be sure to get an updated manual using «Get registry manual» on the website To access to the website install service for working with the card, which is available in the section «Other files» file «Drivers for cardreader». To access the site, use the blue card, this card is access to Education. Authorization on the website is possible on the next day after the obtaining of blue card in the registry department. To do this, click «Login» and in form of a «Authorization» enter the PIN code after clicking the button «Login» will be held an authorization on the website.

Owners of CSІS may request manual from the computer on which is set out in the internet. This will require card, card reader drivers for card reader and service to work with the card. save on a flash drive and transferred on the computer with CSІS. Please note! If the blue card has been received without access to work with the new site, you need to contact with the blue card to the registry department to establish a work permit with the site.

For technical issues please contact the technical support section «Technical support», and for the issues of working of the program, please contact with operators of department data receive.

Download this software product you can in the section «Installation files»

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