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CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Instead conditions of entrants on specialties, categories and financing sources introduced statuses of statements for specialties of profiles entrant. Added fields characterizing statements and their statuses: «Date from», «Status», «Protocol», «Comment», «Direction». 2. In the profile of entrant added form «History of status statements». 3. Simplistically data introduction of the settlement and  index in to the address fields. 4. is developed verification of quotas on the number of submitted applications. 5. In the table of module «The entrants” added the ability to view the categories and competitions entrant. 6. Added a new module «Entrance Exams”, which allows to assign tests track entrants with admission tests that are not

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Fixed display numbers of semesters in the distribution by semester NP / RNP. 2. Changed algorithm of group operations «Stamped data entry / release» and «Stamped on the qualification certificate of education». 3. Fixed bug when saving changes in educational card student. The values ??in the «Comment» is stored correctly.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added ability to import students, study groups, orders and numbers of certificates and student tickets from «YEDEBO». 2.On the form of «Delegating user roles» rendered ??a mark «If user can work with «YEDEBO» and removed the relevant features from system settings. Thus access to the data manipulation «YEDEBO» can have only certain users or system. 3. Changes in the student questionnaire on the tab «Training», «Personal data», «Relatives» and «Other». 4. In the «Master Release / deductions / transfer from course to course», added an ability to change academic group of students, filtration of the groups by the course when the status «Learns» changing to another. 5. In the questionnaire employee was amended

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM VERSION  1. Add an ability to proofreading applications for bilingual diploma (Bachelor and Master). Form “Application for fabrication …” button or menu item “Check bilingual diplomas …”. 2. Fields “qualification” (on Ukrainian and English.) for the diplomas of bachelor are now required for filling. 3. Changed the design and content of reports: “Individual student information”, “General Information” and “Cumulative information” for applications to diplomas. 4. Fixed bugs import of packages from an adjacent node. 5. Fixed bugs in confirmation on manufacture of diplomas of the Bachelor in qualification the word “Bachelor” is not printed (in previous versions was added automatically.) For bilingual diplomas should indicate the word “Bachelor” in

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: DIRECTORIES ! Fixed a bug when saving changes in the directory «Study Group» under limited user EXPORT / IMPORT ! Fixed some bugs when importing data from AS «Selection committee»

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM VERSION  1. Secondary and vocational schools have the opportunity to work in the program without a card reader and connect. In this mode, you can create a request for production: – Student tickets; – Certificate of complete secondary education; – Evidence of basic secondary education; – Certificates of qualified worker; – The certificate about assignment of workers qualifications After which send this requests only to an adjacent node in RME, MISKVO or RC. for Education can be obtained at the responsible person in an adjacent node. For more, read the user guide. 2. In the details of requests for the appendix to higher education diploma of diplomas, added the

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added a new group of guides «YEDEBO»  and comparing their values ??with guides AS «Deanery». Introduced the relevant amendments in system guides. 2.  Added synchronization: at group orders for the students, and changes in educational cards of students in database of AS «Deanery» and YEDEBO. 3. Function “Create a custom package for Euro supplement” changed to “Creating a custom package for the Diploma Supplement” and made ??the appropriate changes in the form of «Disciplines of the Diploma Supplement» and «Description of qualifications». 4. Modified form of student: –  Instead of tab «Orders»,  is added tab  «Education cards»; – On the tab «Education» are added field: “Second Higher Education”, “Advanced CA”, “Educational documents” with the release of the

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM VERSION 1. The ability to bind users requests for production applications to users requests for production of diplomas (bachelors and masters). 2. The ability to import / export discipline and evaluation for requests for additions to diplomas . The form “Application …” menu “application” services “Download forms from Excel” and “Upload Form in Excel”. For more see context sensitive help, section “Format Excel file (.Xls) to export / import estimates ” or Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.14 . Example file WEKCEBRVEQSI.xls. 3. For requests for production of certificates of complete secondary education and diploma of skilled workers , the ‘ previous paper on education ” (type , serial number) –

Changes / additions to the PROGRAM VERSION 1. The ability to create custom applications for the manufacture of the Diploma of Higher Education. For details, refer to “Converting Yevrododatkiv”. 2. In applications for production applications to diplomas for subjects added under ” Hours / Hours”. 3. The questionnaire requests for production of Diploma Supplement for higher education, added tab ” Previous document on education .” Paul “Qualification” and “Specialty” are enabled for input if the previous certificate of education “Diploma” or “Bachelor”. 4. The questionnaire requests for production of Diploma Supplement for higher education, further information (Section 6.1. Appendix) vyneceno a separate tab ” Additional information ( 6.1). Information necessary to make two

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM VERSION 1. If the application is not signed and is not sent (not generated packet) , the confirmation of the order will be no place for the signature of the head. 2. The ability to select a series of contactless chip in all types of applications that use contactless chip ( Student / student tickets, and student / student tickets, credit cards , temporary permit, certificate). 3. The ability to print the confirmation order for production of student / student tickets, cards on a package (a form of “passing control”). 4. Suspended check validity of certificates due to technical problems. 5. Fixed error saving profiles with double full