1. Instead conditions of entrants on specialties, categories and financing sources introduced statuses of statements for specialties of profiles entrant. Added fields characterizing statements and their statuses: «Date from», «Status», «Protocol», «Comment», «Direction».
2. In the profile of entrant added form «History of status statements».
3. Simplistically data introduction of the settlement and  index in to the address fields.
4. is developed verification of quotas on the number of submitted applications.
5. In the table of module «The entrants” added the ability to view the categories and competitions entrant.
6. Added a new module «Entrance Exams”, which allows to assign tests track entrants with admission tests that are not intended, blank grade of document about education and unsatisfactory test results.
7. Changes in system directories «Admission plan», «Exam Schedule», «Available Documents», «Quotas reception», «Entrance Test by function» and others. Deleted directories «Attachments profiles for specialties», the meaning of prefixes moved into the directory «Plan of admission».
8. Changes in group operations with profiles of entrants.
9. Upon receipt of electronic applications with EGEBO not required to fill in the passport and other data that are not available in an electronic statement. When you try to set the status of «Accepted» These statements require the system fill the corresponding fields.
10. Added full synchronization of statements foreigners with EGEBO, download and sync photos with EGEBO, the group operation «Check the identity of persons in EGEBO and ASU «VUZ».
11. Changes in work with EGEBO, due to the recalculation points of the certificate to 60 point scale.
12. Added transmission priorities statements EGEBO for universities that use them when providing recommendations.
13. At the menu item «Help» added item «News», through which you can view news from the developers.

Read more about the changes and additions to the program in the assistance to the program or on the website of the program ASU «VUZ» Ukr version

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