1. Added ability to import students, study groups, orders and numbers of certificates and student tickets from «YEDEBO».
2.On the form of «Delegating user roles» rendered ??a mark «If user can work with «YEDEBO» and removed the relevant features from system settings. Thus access to the data manipulation «YEDEBO» can have only certain users or system.
3. Changes in the student questionnaire on the tab «Training», «Personal data», «Relatives» and «Other».
4. In the «Master Release deductions / transfer from course to course», added an ability to change academic group of students, filtration of the groups by the course when the status «Learns» changing to another.
5. In the questionnaire employee was amended on the tabs: «Personal data», «Position», «Relative», «Vacation», «Education». Added new tab.
6. Added new forms to maintaining a database on employees: «Extra Charge of employees set for experience», «Using of annual leave», «Experience of the employees». Changes in the form of «Analysis of experience».Added ability to detail rates for general and special funds.
7. General. Addresses in the questionnaire converted to use the guide KOATUU.
Updated and added standard reports, including: reports on curricula, reports from Labor Statistics reports on load.

For more information about changes and additions to the program read in help of the program, or in this file whats_new_dk2465.txt

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