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CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added ability to import users applications and profiles with new XML-file format, which is established in YEDEBO. Description of the file format can be found at page «Other instructions». 2. In the graduate questionnaire, the application for production of the diploma of higher education, added the following information: name, series and number of diploma and date of issue. 3. In statements to the diploma of higher education (individual and cumulative information) added: – name, series and number of diploma (output before paragraph. 1); – in p. 6.1 changed the date of entry into an educational institution and date of graduation. To use a new version of the program need to be

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Improved synchronization of changes in student data and work with YEDEBO forms of import of students and educational groups YEDEBO. 3. Changes for synchronization with the mobile application, namely: – in the menu “Settings” section “Export / Import” added a new tab “Mobile application”; – added directory “Service cabinets” for use in the description of units; – in the directory “Housings” added button “Update your mobile application”; – in the directory “Subsections” added phone number, service cabinet of subdivision and button “Update your mobile application”. 2. Fixed bug of contingent consolidate for loading future academic years. 3. Reduced time connection to the system for users with limited rights. 4. Fixed errors in the work of

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: Changes listing of the average score in the annex to the certificate to 200-point scale. Caution! Patch is recommended to mount only if necessary this functionality. The file can be downloaded on the website of systems AS «School» in section «Technical Support» – «Files». Should be noted that for access to files of program updates you must be a registered employee of the school.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. In the questionnaires on production of student / pupils cards corrected display of values ??in the «Privilege». To update program it must be re-import (update) directory node through the appropriate menu item. 2. Made corrections in the report «Cumulative information». 3. Fixed bug when importing entries from the adjacent node that have the same name of the group of applications in the database. 4. Fixed transfer confirmation number of questionnaires confirmation for modified applications. 5. Changed the order of formation and view archives of applications (function «Reset application to the archive» / «View archive …»). To use a new version of the program need to be installed actual directory to

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Starting from this version, the program Education imports reference from educational institutions and qualifications (for applications to higher education diplomas), only a new type – based on DBMS FireBird, with the extension .DOV. Reference to the new format ordered and downloaded from the site 2. Education program will not import packages that created in a program DP2000. All EI that worked in the DP2000 should use light version of Education. 3. Light version (program mode, works without access card) adds the ability to create a request for production of diplomas for younger professionals. 4. Auto Keyboard into the Ukrainian language, includes an extension – Ukrainian (Enhanced) code

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added ability to transmission information about the issuing authority of the document  in YEDEBO for documents with  types «Academic reference», «Student ticket», «Pupillary ticket». 2. Fixed a bug when opening forms of import contingent of students from the YEDEBO. 3. Fixed a bug when adding a new item on the form «Individual annual leave» for users with limited rights. 4. Added ability to hide not acting students contracts in the module «Contracts». 5. Fixed a bug when changing payer payment schedule under the contract. 6. Fixed a bug when adding graduation projects in the form of student.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added ability to import students from YEDEBO with incomplete / incorrect data. Changes were made in the algorithm of import students from YEDEBO. 2. Improved mechanism of output error messages in the import of students. 3. Added report «Incorrect data in the personal files of students» to identify students who were loaded from YEDEBO with incomplete / incorrect data. 4. Fixed bugs in the interface of directory «Study Group». 5. Added ability to work with the orders of enrollment in 2013 for which do no defined field «The academic year» in YEDEBO. 6. To specializations in AS «Deanery» is now possible to bind the specialty of YEDEBO. 7. Fixed bugs in the interface of module «Orders of students», error of

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. It became possible to install the program and run under regular operator of Windows. Administrator (Administratir) do not need to give the operator any special rights. Install the program through the menu «Run as administrator». In connection with this, changed the location of some files. More watch Education.pdf: for the location of the database – paragraph 2.3; to place the created package – paragraph 3.3. If you have installed «Client CSK», necessary to provide full access (record, deletion, modification) the folder C:\Program Files\ndipit\ (C:\Program Files (x86)\ndipit\). 2. Added new tag in XML-package. For more information see context-sensitive help, section «XML format file for export / import profiles and estimates», or Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.13. 3. Added ability to

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Fixed bug while editing guide «Study Group» for users with limited rights. 2. Fixed access to the import feature students from YEDEBO in case of empty module «Students». 3. Added check system for conformity of the school year group and order while maintaining changes in educational cards. 4. Fixed incorrect work of the function «Edit parameter of the order» for users with limited rights. Also, in the function «Edit settings of the order» added the ability to change the order. 5. Fixed bug «For the object with code UCEQA [0] does not match any record» when importing students from YEDEBO. 6. Fixed bug when importing some photos from

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Returned printing function confirmation of order for the manufacture of student tickets from roll-call list. 2. Courtesy an opportunity to download XML-file without area code. To work with the new version of the program, be sure to get an updated manual using «Get registry manual» on the website To access to the website install service for working with the card, which is available in the section «Other files» file «Drivers for cardreader». To access the site, use the blue card, this card is access to Education. Authorization on the website is possible on the next day after the obtaining of blue card in the registry department. To do this, click «Login» and in form of a «Authorization»