1. Restored import of UCEQA certificates.

2. In the directory “Introductory trajectory” added the column “There quota the number of applications” and filled values ​​in accordance with the terms of reception.

3. Added mode with locked statements.

4. The system settings deleted setting “Ignore statements on a shortened training program” and added the option “Applications specialization consider both application direction / specialty”.

5. Added guides “Introductory trajectory”, “prefixes personal files”, “Audiences”, “Disciplines competition”, “Awards and competitions SAS”, “The reasons for the exams”. Changes in the directory “plan reception” and other reference system.

6. In cases of personal resumed operation on locked questionnaires; restored inspection quota on the number of applications; accelerated search for a settlement in the directory KOATUU.

7. Restored work of certificates verification service of testing centre.

Educational video: for convenience of users ASU “VNZ” was created training video for work of operator in the program “Selection committee” version – “Registration of applications”.All tutorial videos located on the official website of the program in the section “Support” – tab “Training Videos”.
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