1. The transition to using Oracle Database 11 g. Description of the database migration ask in technical support.

2. Added new module “Pre-registration” and “Applications”. Module “Applicants” developed in the module “Personal cases”.

3. For all modules in a tree filtration instead of types “Bachelor”, “Basic educational level”, “Course”, “Training period”, “Second education” added filter “Introductory trajectory”.

4. Software roles on the faculties replaced by the entries from the directory “Plan of reception” (proposal). The user sees the application and its data if it is the role of software in the proposals. Added new system role “Pre-registration. View” and “Pre-registration. Editing”.

5. Added guides “Introductory trajectory,” “Prefixes personal files”, “Audience”, “Disciplines competition”, “Awards competition and MAN,” “Reasons exams.” Changes in the directory “Plan reception” and other system directories.

6. Changed form of applicant and order processing information on individuals participating in the introductory campaign.

7. In the system settings added new sections: “Competition”, which contains a group of fields “Calculation of additional points for training courses and / or SAS and VUO”; “Applications” – a group of settings’ quota number of applications for OCD: bachelor, junior specialist”. In the “Applicants” added the setting “Use field “Branch” group settings “Structure tab “Additional data”, “use “Add card entrant”, “use “Add card pre-registration”.

Educational video: for convenience of users ASU “VNZ” was created training video for work of operator in the program “Selection committee” version – “Registration of applications”.All tutorial videos located on the official website of the program in the section “Support” – tab “Training Videos”.
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