1. Improved synchronization of changes in student data and work with YEDEBO forms of import of students and educational groups YEDEBO.
3. Changes for synchronization with the mobile application, namely:
– in the menu “Settings” section “Export / Import” added a new tab “Mobile application”;
– added directory “Service cabinets” for use in the description of units;
– in the directory “Housings” added button “Update your mobile application”;
– in the directory “Subsections” added phone number, service cabinet of subdivision and button “Update your mobile application”.
2. Fixed bug of contingent consolidate for loading future academic years.
3. Reduced time connection to the system for users with limited rights.
4. Fixed errors in the work of operation “Creation of a package for order diploma supplement”.
5. Fixed error when searching overlays for teacher and in the calculation features “Can I select” for choice of teachers audience forms.

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