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CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. In the “Orders Area” report. Department of Education and Science”, a column for the registration of certificates for a special program has been added. 2. Work was restored with the packages formed in the AC “Dean’s Office” for the production of appendices for diplomas of the European standard. 3. Processing of the requisites for the application for the production of duplicates at the signing of the application has been fixed. 4. Corrected saving of edits in the details of applications for the production of student tickets.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Fixed import of XML to the “Student tickets – Banking card” invasion. 2. Added ability to import photos in the format * .png Important! When importing orders for studio tickets, the program DOES NOT corrects the aspect ratio of the photos, but only scales large images to acceptable sizes for import. Changing proportions is a field Responsibility of NZ. We remind you that the aspect ratio of the photographs should be: the minimum acceptable size is 248×310 and the maximum acceptable size is 360×450 pixels. The aspect ratio of 4: 5 should be 2%.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added ability to import a new format of XML files for ordering student tickets. 2. Updated checklists for European sample application orders.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Corrected display of application details on screens with small diagonal. 2. Fixed import of XML to duplicate order.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added import data from XML-file a new format created in YEDEBO. 2. The ability to order bilingual diplomas of junior specialist. 3. For diplomas of junior specialist, bachelor, masters and added optional fields: Specialization and specialization (Eng.), Educational program and educational program (English). 4. For evidence of basic secondary education, added insignia type “special program” (Special). 5. Updated Format orders in addition to the diploma (European standard).