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In accordance with the Law of Ukraine 31.07.14 № 1621-VII «On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some other legislative acts of Ukraine», effective from 01.01.15, is required to provide purchaser of tax invoices in an electronic form and payments adjustments to the tax bill, as well as registration with the Unified Register of tax bills.

In this regard, we inform that PJSC «Research Institute for Applied Information Technology» using the program «Art Report Plus» for registration in a single register of tax invoices and exchange of documents in electronic form.

Our email address to send tax bills:

Ask you to provide information on the software that used in your company for issuing and receiving tax invoices in electronic form from January 01, 2015, and provide your e-mail address that used for tax bills and other documents.  

Taking this opportunity, please check and correctly fill out our contact information (in compliance with the format of writing), namely:
or abbreviation: ПрАТ «НДІ прикладних інформаційних технологій»
USREOU code: 30674051
INN: 306740526559
legal address: 01010, м.Київ вул., І.Мазепи,З
The physical address (for correspondence): 03151. м.Київ, вул..Смілянська,4
phone. (044) 246-27-82

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