Dear leaders of higher education institutions!

Private Joint Stock Company «Scientific Research Institute of Applied Information Technology» expresses its deep respect and as a long-term manufacturer of educational documents of the state sample, offers its services and further cooperation in the manufacture and personalization documents on higher education of state standard for university graduates.

According to the explanations posted on the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Enterprise «InfoResurs» have no legal grounds to take action related to the centralized production of documents on higher education (academic degree).

Therefore, for the early production of documents on higher education of the state standard for university graduates, we ask you to consider and propose a procurement contract, data processing services on Higher Education of the state sample and graphic personalization (attached).

For educational institutions, which should be carried out the procurement procedure for public funds offer to take the recommendations placed in Annex 1 to the number of the letter.

In order to receive formed contract on production of education documents of state sample you must provide on email address following information:

1) Full name of the educational institution, USREOU code;

2) Types of documents and their amount according to the nomenclature:
– Diploma of junior bachelor;
– Diploma of junior bachelor with distinction;
– Diploma of junior specialist;
– Diploma of junior specialist with distinction;
– Bachelor’s Diploma;
– Bachelor’s Diploma with distinction;
– Specialist Diploma;
– Specialist Diploma with distinction;
– Master’s Diploma;
– Master’s Diploma with distinction;
– The Diploma Supplement of Higher Education of the European standard.

3) Reverse email address to send the contract.

4) Full name and phone number of a contact person.

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