Dear heads of higher education institutions!

In April 6, 2015 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in its explanation for the production of documents on education, relying on the article 7 of the Law of Ukraine «On Higher Education», affirmed the right of higher education institutions to engage in self-ordering of higher education (academic degree).

Scientific Research Institute of Applied Information Technology with 15 years of experience in data processing and rapid manufacturing of documents on education, advanced a strong industrial base and proven technology, offers services in manufacturing associate’s degree, bachelor’s Jr., bachelor, specialist, master’s application to Diploma of the European sample, diplomas PhD and doctorate.

Scientific Research Institute of Applied Information Technology offers universities conclude direct contracts for the manufacture of higher education (academic degree) of the state sample and the annexes thereto, followed by the introduction of this information into the database IPS «Osvita» and sync with EGEBO.

Order of higher education and its annexes, will be as before – with the help of software and hardware complexes «Education» ASU «VNZ», which provide protection for personal data.

Delivery of manufactured higher education documents to the customer can be carried out via express mail services by agreement of the parties.

For more information, please contact the operator by numbers: 246-28-12 / 246-28-13 or

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