Dear leaders of higher education institutions!

In addition to the previous proposal for production of documents on higher education state-sample Scientific Research Institute of Applied Information Technology offers universities to enter into direct contracts for the manufacture of:

individual documents on higher education institutions of higher education for non-accredited educational programs along the lines defined by the academic council of the university;

collaborative diplomas per sample, that defined by the general solution of the scientific councils of higher education institutions in the case of obtaining of higher education by person of higher education with the agreed between higher education institutions, including foreign, educational programs;

double diplomas per sample defined by the academic council of the higher education institution in the case of obtaining person of higher education at the same time in two specialties (specializations).

followed by the introduction of this information into the database IPS «Osvita» and in the register of higher education EGEBO.

Ordering of data documents on higher education will be as before – with the help of software and hardware complexes «Education» ASU «VNZ», which provide protection for personal data.

Delivery of made higher education documents to the customer will be occur via express mail services by agreement of the parties.

For more information, please contact the operator by numbers: 246-28-12 / 246-28-13 or

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