Dear Ukrainians!

On the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, we would like to sincerely congratulate you on this great holiday! Today we celebrate the day when our independent state became a symbol of strength, dignity and unity.

The history of our state is a history of struggle, devotion, intelligence and national dignity. Each of you, regardless of your efforts and professions, makes your contribution to the development of Ukraine, so today we celebrate our achievements and accomplishments together.

Let’s build a strong, prosperous and peaceful Ukraine together! Let love for the Motherland always reign in your hearts, so that together we can preserve and multiply what we are proud of – our culture, language, traditions and freedom.

We wish each of you good health, success in all your endeavors and inexhaustible inspiration to reach new heights. Let our unity be the guarantee of the future of our state and the source of our common strength and prosperity.

Glory to Ukraine! We sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Ukrainian Statehood!

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