1. It became possible to install the program and run under regular operator of Windows. Administrator (Administratir) do not need to give the operator any special rights. Install the program through the menu «Run as administrator». In connection with this, changed the location of some files.
More watch Education.pdf: for the location of the database – paragraph 2.3; to place the created package – paragraph 3.3.
If you have installed «Client CSK», necessary to provide full access (record, deletion, modification) the folder C:\Program Files\ndipit\ (C:\Program Files (x86)\ndipit\).
2. Added new tag in XML-package. For more information see context-sensitive help, section «XML format file for export / import profiles and estimates», or Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.13.
3. Added ability to change the name of any faculty. More watch Education.pdf paragraph 4.1.12.
4. The report «Checking bilingual diploma» changed. Now it is called «Checking additional information». In this report added information about previous education certificate. Also, this report is available for all types of documents with information about previous document.
5. Added an ability to order documents about education for graduates from the area of ATO and temporarily occupied territories. This information is entered on the additional tab «Additionally», on form «Essential elements of application».
6. Changes in the order of duplicates and reprints.
7. Added an ability to transfer an application (other than requests for applications) from one institution to another. This applies only to unsigned applications. Available on the form «Tree of educational institutions», menu «Application / Transfer request to another EI…».
8. An expanded filter settings for applications considering duplicates, reprints and graduates from the area of ATO.
9. An expanded ability to transfer users when transferring a database from one computer to another, or when reinstalling Windows. For more information see Education.pdf paragraph 2.4.
10. Fixed bug when loading XML-file import group and faculty in the particulars of the application.
11. It became possible save the questionnaire with a double name in brackets.
12. Fixed bug of deleting learning language in applications for manufacturing applications.
13. Corrected spelling mistakes in reports for requests for applications.
14.When copying applications for manufacturing applications information about the qualification and specialization also imported to bookmark «Previous document education».

To use a new version of the program need to be installed actual directory to work at least with version If you had installed an old version of the directory, be sure to get the updated using «Get registry manual» on the website To access to the website install service for working with the card, which is available in the section «Other files» file «Drivers for cardreader». To access the site, use the blue card, this card is access to Education. Authorization on the website is possible on the next day after the obtaining of blue card in the registry department. To do this, click «Login» and in form of a «Authorization» enter the PIN code after clicking the button «Login» will be held an authorization on the website.

Owners of CSІS may request manual from the computer on which is set out in the internet. This will require card, card reader drivers for card reader and service to work with the card. save on a flash drive and transferred on the computer with CSІS. Please note! If the blue card has been received without access to work with the new site, you need to contact with the blue card to the registry department to establish a work permit with the site.

For technical issues please contact the technical support section «Technical support», and for the issues of working of the program, please contact with operators of department data receive.

Download this software product you can in the section «Installation files»

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