1. Changed group operation appointments of examinations in the module “Entrance examinations”.

2. Directory “Areas of expertise (training areas)” was renamed “Areas of expertise”. Filling the directory is updated according to the order of MES № 266 from april 29, 2015.

3. In the reference “Special” removed column: “The direction of training”, “Use as orientation training”.

4. In the reference “Plan for reception” added the minimum and maximum allowable value of the priority application. The “Function” to fill available only after filling the opening path.

5. When synchronizing with EGEBO skipped profiles with the established mark “Do not sync with EGEBO”.

6. Added the ability to create the entrance examinations for the whole university.

7. Change the filter in the module tree “The results of entrance examinations”.

8. In the module “Personal profile”, “Applications”, “Competition”, “Recommended entrants” added columns group “Do not sync with EGEBO” and group operation “Change mark” Do not sync with EGEBO”.

9. Competition. Added group operation “Reject the application with low priority”, and the mode of calculation signs “for advice on the highest priority”.

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