Dear citizens! Sincerely congratulate you on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

Our country, our people, celebrates already on this anniversary, since the original Ukrainian dream has come true – to be the masters on its beautiful and charming land. Many generations of Ukrainians have sought to live freely, to practice their traditions and customs without experiencing perversions and harassment, and this holiday is a sign that everything has come to pass. This landmark day of democracy and public accord of our people became a turning point in the history of the development of the Ukrainian state and a powerful stimulus for fruitful, inspired work for the sake of peace and prosperity in our common home.

Of course, these years of independence have become a test for all of us – a test of maturity, patience and tolerance. Before Ukraine, its citizens are difficult and big tasks. We believe that together we will overcome any obstacles on the way to strengthening the independence of our state.

Dear compatriots! We wish you health, happiness, success in all your business, and let your dream of a better life inspire you for new accomplishments, for new good deeds in the name of our united Ukraine and its future generations.

With a great holiday you!

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