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AS «School»
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Asked on 14.02.2014 15:43

To restore the program you will need:
1. AC Drive Installation ”School” .
2. Last database backup . Backup – a file with the extension *. Bkp. Note the date of its establishment, you need a file on a date closest to today .
3. Set performing file version, it is in the name of the archive to http://osvita.net/download.php?file=162 1093 paket.zip

Steps to install the system:
1. Insert the installation disc into the drive. In the installation wizard , select to install : database server , Manuals , BDE library and ARM AS ”School” . Wait for the successful installation of all components.
2. Install the drivers for the card reader . Drivers are on the installation CD in the directory Drivers \ acr_38u or website http://osvita.net/download.php?file=187.
3. Unzip paket.zip 1093
4. Log in to catalog 1093 paket, which rozpakuvavsya . Copy it all the files and paste them into the directory C : \ School of replacement.

Restores a database of school:
1. From the desktop to start the program of the ” School” .
2. PIN -code , username and password can not enter and press ” Cancel” .
3. Causes the menu item ”Administration ” – ” Save / restore database” – ”Restore database from backup .”
4. Wizard starts . On the second page of the wizard , select the file from backup.
5. After selecting the file in the wizard , click ”Next ” and ” Run.”

After restoring the database , connect to the program. After entering the user name and password may appear in the form ” versions of Reconciliation ” – agree on harmonizing and replacing files . Antivirus software must be disabled at the same time so as not to block the process AutoCorrect files.
6. After replacing the file program starts again . Exit .
7. Enter the directory C : \ School
8. Run the file from the directory register.bat C : \ School – needed to statzvity CEI – 1 and 83 RICK been revealed correctly.

The program resumed ! You can connect and work.
Remember to make a backup of the database !

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Answered On 14.02.2014 15:44