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CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. On form of the application edition changed forming of aspirations training list and formation of dropdown list when editing the status of the application categories. 2. Removed extra branches in the tree of filters in module “Competition”. 3. Setting. In the “Declaration” added the setting “Forming deposit “Orientation Training” only the field guide “Specialties at the faculty”. 4. Added a ban on changing the educational level of certificate of education that are synchronized with YEDEBO. 5. Recovered module “Recommended entrants”. Educational video: for convenience of users ASU “VNZ” was created training video for work of operator in the program “Selection committee” version – “Registration of applications”.All tutorial videos located on the official website of the program

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added changes to order of duplicate according to the order of MES №249 from March 6, 2015. 2. Education now does not work with BDE. Accordingly, the program does not import packages that was created in Education in version that older then 3. Explanation of imports XML-files, which are created in YEDEBO: – If the file import via the menu “Data packets Import from TXT, XML File”, the new application will be created together with profiles. – If the file is imported from the application form (window with a list of users), the imported only numbers and series of diplomas to those profiles that exist in the application and XML-file. Caution! The next

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Restored import of UCEQA certificates. 2. In the directory “Introductory trajectory” added the column “There quota the number of applications” and filled values ​​in accordance with the terms of reception. 3. Added mode with locked statements. 4. The system settings deleted setting “Ignore statements on a shortened training program” and added the option “Applications specialization consider both application direction / specialty”. 5. Added guides “Introductory trajectory”, “prefixes personal files”, “Audiences”, “Disciplines competition”, “Awards and competitions SAS”, “The reasons for the exams”. Changes in the directory “plan reception” and other reference system. 6. In cases of personal resumed operation on locked questionnaires; restored inspection quota on the number of applications; accelerated search for a settlement in the directory

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. The transition to using Oracle Database 11 g. Description of the database migration ask in technical support. 2. Added new module “Pre-registration” and “Applications”. Module “Applicants” developed in the module “Personal cases”. 3. For all modules in a tree filtration instead of types “Bachelor”, “Basic educational level”, “Course”, “Training period”, “Second education” added filter “Introductory trajectory”. 4. Software roles on the faculties replaced by the entries from the directory “Plan of reception” (proposal). The user sees the application and its data if it is the role of software in the proposals. Added new system role “Pre-registration. View” and “Pre-registration. Editing”. 5. Added guides “Introductory trajectory,” “Prefixes personal files”, “Audience”,

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Revised confirmation of orders on diplomas considering import of numbers, series and details of educational institutions with YEDEBO. 2. Revised import XML-files with numbers of diplomas for military educational institutions. In the existing application with profiles from the menu “Application” – “Download forms from XML” imported numbers of diplomas that gives YEDEBO. 3. Fixed limit on the number entering of diplomas NOT YEDEBO. 4. For the diplomas, added the report to verify the number and series of diplomas. This information is printed in the report “Check the additional information”. Caution! The next version of Education stops operating with BDE. Therefore, transferring data from DP2000 and import packages with Education versions or older is

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. For the diplomas, added the report to verify the number and series of diplomas. This information is printed in the report “Check the additional information”. 2. According to the order №525, on 05/12/2015, for the bachelor’s and master’s added a new features. In the questionnaires to foreigners or stateless persons (document identity passport of a foreigner permanent residence permit in Ukraine, respectively), contain a photograph. Photography and other additional information (see p. 3), placed on a separate tab “Foreigner”, which appears when necessary. 3. For those of foreigners and stateless persons who studied at two or more higher education institutions (preliminary document on education: junior specialist, specialist, bachelor,

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added ability to import users applications and profiles with new XML-file format, which is established in YEDEBO. Description of the file format can be found at page «Other instructions». 2. In the graduate questionnaire, the application for production of the diploma of higher education, added the following information: name, series and number of diploma and date of issue. 3. In statements to the diploma of higher education (individual and cumulative information) added: – name, series and number of diploma (output before paragraph. 1); – in p. 6.1 changed the date of entry into an educational institution and date of graduation. To use a new version of the program need to be

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Improved synchronization of changes in student data and work with YEDEBO forms of import of students and educational groups YEDEBO. 3. Changes for synchronization with the mobile application, namely: – in the menu “Settings” section “Export / Import” added a new tab “Mobile application”; – added directory “Service cabinets” for use in the description of units; – in the directory “Housings” added button “Update your mobile application”; – in the directory “Subsections” added phone number, service cabinet of subdivision and button “Update your mobile application”. 2. Fixed bug of contingent consolidate for loading future academic years. 3. Reduced time connection to the system for users with limited rights. 4. Fixed errors in the work of

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: Changes listing of the average score in the annex to the certificate to 200-point scale. Caution! Patch is recommended to mount only if necessary this functionality. The file can be downloaded on the website of systems AS «School» in section «Technical Support» – «Files». Should be noted that for access to files of program updates you must be a registered employee of the school.

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. In the questionnaires on production of student / pupils cards corrected display of values ??in the «Privilege». To update program it must be re-import (update) directory node through the appropriate menu item. 2. Made corrections in the report «Cumulative information». 3. Fixed bug when importing entries from the adjacent node that have the same name of the group of applications in the database. 4. Fixed transfer confirmation number of questionnaires confirmation for modified applications. 5. Changed the order of formation and view archives of applications (function «Reset application to the archive» / «View archive …»). To use a new version of the program need to be installed actual directory to