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CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. The following fields have been added to the “Training Groups” directory: “Form of training”, “OKU” 2. The “Learning groups” tab has been added to the “Reception plan” 3. Changed the selection logic of training groups that are available for assignment

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added new directory “in the field of admission (PZSO)” 2. Optimized synchronization speed with YEDEBO 3. Competition module added two modes: – “The competition for proposals” – “The competition in the field (based PZSO)” 4. Allowed to keep two applications on offer from one entrant, with different values of the mark “only for a contract”

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Added new types of educational documents: provisional certificate issued by CC “Crimea-Ukraine” and CC “Donbass-Ukraine” 2. In the directory “Introductory path,” added the mark “Entry for temporary help” 3. Updated directory structure “YEDEBO” – “Benefits” 4. Added YEDEBO synchronization of applications with time references 5. In the module “Introductory test” group linked operation “stamped reason enrollment”

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Remote benefits EGEBO previous years 2. Dodan can not vkazuvat priorytit statement with a briefing “Only on the contract”

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. In the directory “Person documents” added a new type of “Passport (not containing contactless electronic media)” 2. The form “Application entrant” mark “is not entitled to participate in the competition for government contracts,” renamed “Only the contract” 3. Added reception / transmission from / to YEDEBO mark “only for a contract”

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. In electronic processing of applications downloaded courses FDP

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Competitive score is calculated to the nearest 0,001 2. The applicant questionnaire linked operation “See Appendix photocopy of YEDEBO” modified calculation of score certificate in her 200th scale 3. The module “The results of entrance examinations,” added group operation “delete tests in students”

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. In the “Reception plan” guide has been added the tab “Learning focus”. 2. The wording of the “Learning Direction” tab has been changed on the “Applicant Application Form” 3. In the questionnaire of the applicant added the possibility of transliteration on the English elements of the name, verification of the correctness of IPN, the button “Participation in competitions”

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Changed group operation appointments of examinations in the module “Entrance examinations”. 2. Directory “Areas of expertise (training areas)” was renamed “Areas of expertise”. Filling the directory is updated according to the order of MES № 266 from april 29, 2015. 3. In the reference “Special” removed column: “The direction of training”, “Use as orientation training”. 4. In the reference “Plan for reception” added the minimum and maximum allowable value of the priority application. The “Function” to fill available only after filling the opening path. 5. When synchronizing with EGEBO skipped profiles with the established mark “Do not sync with EGEBO”. 6. Added the ability to create the entrance

CHANGES / ADDITIONS TO THE PROGRAM: 1. Fixed bug saving identifier study in YEDEBO when re-importing data from XML-file over the old application, which was created in version Caution! The next version of Education stops operating with BDE. Therefore, transferring data from DP2000 and import packages with Education versions or older is not possible. To use a new version of the program need to be installed actual directory to work at least with version If you had installed an old version of the directory, be sure to get the updated using «Get registry manual» on the website To access to the website install service for working with the card, which is available in the section «Other files» file